Hungarian Dairy Research Institute

Our goal and mission is to develop the dairy industry, milk production, quality food products, and food safety

Our focus is the research and development of profit-oriented, innovative technologies in the food industry.


Dairy Products and Food Research and Development Division


Keeping our primary focus on the food industry, our portfolio now also includes feedstuff and pharmaceuticals-related development. Aside from products and technologies, we also lead lab method development projects in this field.

Lab and Food Safety Services


Our laboratory has long established itself as a highly proficient player both in Hungary and abroad. The main aim of our staff is to provide accurate and up-to-date (quick) feedback to food and pharmaceuticals companies to help them in their quality assurance efforts.

Laboratóriumi szolgáltatások

One of Hungary’s oldest reputable R&D and services institutes in the food industry

Our highly qualified staff enable each of our business lines—R&D, Lab Services, Trade, Production—to respond to market challenges flexibly.


Our employees’ expertise, experience, and commitment are the main drivers of our success. Therefore, the Institute lays strong emphasis on the training of future researchers.

The Hungarian Dairy Research Institute Ltd. was founded in 1903 as the Royal Hungarian Dairy Experiment Station in the town of Mosonmagyaróvár and has since become one of Hungary’s most reputable R&D and services institutes in the food industry. Ever since its establishment, its mission has been the development of milk production, dairy products, food products, food quality, and food safety. The Institute boasts a rich history and has a successful present. By now, our diverse activities have extended far beyond dairy farming.

Key Portfolio Areas:

  • Basic and applied research
  • Research and development of food technologies
  • Expert consultancy on technology, product development
  • Distribution of natural ingredients and additives for the food, dietary supplements, and the cosmetics industry
  • Development of lab testing methods, test services
  • Food consultancy based on lab tests
  • Authorisation, production and trade of food products, dietary supplements, and formulas for medical purposes
  • Education

Major Activities:


The Institute focuses on practice-oriented research, development, and innovation in the dairy and food industry, now also targeting a growing range of other sectors. We do and accept orders for the following:

  • Development of advanced products, material and energy-efficient green production methods
  • Development of functional dairy products and other health-promoting foods with high added value, and of their production technologies
  • Development of functional, health-promoting dietary supplements
  • Enhancement of quality and food safety
  • Product quality improvement
  • Know-how transfer
  • Managing the overall process of preparing decisions for investment projects
  • Expert consultancy
  • Pilot plant development of products


Our services comprise the overall testing of food materials, semi-finished, and finished products of domestic and foreign food companies and of food products of wholesalers and retailers; the testing of milk produced by domestic farmers and its classification according to class prices; the examination of dietary supplements, medicinal products, and pharmaceuticals. These activities are performed by our Food Research and Testing and Raw Milk Classification Laboratory. Our lab is furnished with advanced equipment and holds accreditation for food, pharmaceutical, and veterinary products testing.


The Institute has been representing several renowned manufacturers of natural food ingredients and additives selling their products in the food, dietary supplements, and pharmaceuticals sectors since 1991 in Hungary. Our current product range reflects our special regard for natural solutions. The products we distribute are of the highest quality in their respective field. Backed by our advanced pilot plant and accredited test laboratory, we offer comprehensive assistance to help make the foods we eat healthier and to develop functional foods and dietary supplements.


In 2004 the Institute started to develop and produce milk-related dietary supplements, formulas for special medical purposes, and parapharmaceutical products. Our health-promoting products are distributed under the brand name of Bonolact®. Our Bonolact® probiotic products embody our decades-long experience in the isolation and production of bacterium strains, and the development of foods and veterinary formulas containing living micro-organisms.

State Responsibilities:

  • Raw farm milk classification according to class prices
  • Expert and quality control in the context of applications for EU milk subsidies

Our Strengths:

  • A technology and knowledge base incorporating a vast international corpus of expertise
  • Highly qualified staff with international experience
  • Fast and accurate performance according to plan
  • Confidentiality
  • Pilot plant to support research and development
  • Accredited labs
Akredited testing metods
tested products annually
years of Experience

Our goal and mission is to develop the dairy industry, milk production, quality food products, and food safety