Dr. SZAFNER Gábor 
kutatás-fejlesztési és innovációs osztályvezető 

Dairy Products and Food Research and Development Division

By now, the Institute has evolved into a food R&D institution standing at the forefront of innovation.

Research, Development, and Innovation in Production Technology

Keeping our primary focus on the food industry, our portfolio now also includes feedstuff and pharmaceuticals-related development. Aside from products and technologies, we also lead lab method development projects in this field. In addition to its R&D line, the Institute lays strong emphasis on presenting its achievements in scientific journals, the training of future researchers, and the broad dissemination of expert knowledge.


One of our key research areas in the dairy industry is product development based on membrane separation. We have produced some fifty know-hows and ten patents in this field, several of which have been put to industrial uses abroad (e.g., USA, Argentina, Ireland, etc.).


The main areas of research in our accredited laboratories cover the development of special protein concentrates and isolates, the value-adding utilisation of dairy by-products (such as cheese and curd whey, whey protein), and the design of functional foods.


Development of Lab Methods

The food and feedstuff sectors require test labs specialising in this field to use ever newer methods. In recent years, molecular diagnostic testing methods have become widespread. Such methods enable us to determine the presence, absence and/or quantity of specific proteins or nucleic acids (DNA, RNA). These procedures are sophisticated, their implementation and evaluation demand expert knowledge. Our R&D activity extends to the adjustment and adaptation of these tests, and, where necessary, the invention of new procedures.

We have the following molecular diagnostic projects running:

  • Invention of a DNA-based method to detect Serratia marcescens bacterium
  • Creation of a DNA and protein-based testing system to detect Listeria spp. pathogen
  • Compilation of a DNA-based detection system to test for species identity in meat and meat products
  • Introducing the genetic identification of bacteria into our testing system

Product and Technology Development

We aim to develop innovative products and technologies of an exceptional standard and thus to create products that are healthy, have beneficial effects on the human body, and are of the highest quality. We conduct our development activities in full consideration of the scientific achievements and recommendations published in the current scientific literature.


Our most successful R&D activity is centred on the development of dairy products and technologies:

  • Production technology (know-how) of milk protein concentrate powders manufactured by ultrafiltration, vacuum evaporation, and spray-drying
  • Production technology (know-how) of milk protein isolate powders
  • Microfiltering, ultrafiltering, vacuum evaporation and drying, technology for their large-scale production
  • Production of high-purity and highly concentrated native milk protein concentrates by cold microfiltering


We have extensive expertise in all dairy technologies. Our theoretical and practical knowledge enables us to upgrade production technologies, especially in terms of material and energy efficiency and the creation of advanced products. We develop dairy products and recipes, work out the related production technology in our pilot plant and assist with its adaptation and implementation upon the request of our clients.


We offer the following to our partners:


  • Development of production technologies
  • Invention of farming technologies
  • Official duties and other tasks related to authorisation
  • Upgrading of farming technologies
  • Product quality improvement
  • Development and manufacturing of functional foods


Our qualified engineers are there to assist you in a wide range of issues, including the following:

  • Resolution of technological problems in dairy production, identification of problems related to manufacturing and quality
  • Preparing decisions for complex investment projects in the dairy industry, provision of background information on the market, compilation and sizing of production lines
  • Preparation of manufacturing equipment purchases, putting out invitations to tender
  • Evaluation of tenders (to be) submitted for technology and technical projects
  • Commissioning, exploration of operational sources of loss

Contractual work in a pilot setting

Test your own recipes in our pilot plant and study the effects of the chosen technological parameters on the product. Our staff will guide you through the process with their expertise and advice. Non-dairy food companies are also more than welcome.

Our pilot plant can be used for the following procedures:

  • Primary processing of milk (receipt, skimming, pasteurisation, adjustment of fat content)
  • Direct and indirect heat treatment in a broad viscosity range
  • Production of soft, semi-hard, hard cheese and fermented dairy products
  • Processed cheese-making
  • Membrane separation (ultrafiltering, nanofiltering and reverse osmosis, microfiltering)
  • Crystallisation
  • Addition of microparticles
  • Vacuum evaporation
  • Spray-drying

Our pilot plant is furnished with the following equipment:

  • Plate pasteuriser, 1000 l/h
  • Small milk separator
  • Equipment for cheese and curd-making (cheese vats of a capacity of 150 l and 500 l, press, salter, ripening chamber, modified atmosphere packaging machine)
  • Climate cabinets
  • Rannie 2-stage homogeniser, max. 300 bar, max. capacity of 450 l/h, 25 l Stephan Kutter
  • 2 l Stephan Kutter
  • Ceramic microfilter, 0.14 μm and 1.4 μm
  • 4.3” ultrafilter with a filter surface of 6.8 m2
  • 6.3” ultrafilter with a filter surface of 30 m2 or 60 m2
  • 6.3” ultrafilter with a filter surface of 15 m2 or 30 m2
  • 4” nanofilter/reverse osmosis equipment with a filter surface of 13.5 m2 or 27 m2
  • Infusion equipment with a capacity of 100 l/h for heat treatment at 100 °C–130 °C
  • APV batch vacuum evaporator with a water evaporation capacity of 40 kg/h
  • Niro spray dryer with a water evaporation capacity of 30 kg/h

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Our goal and mission is to develop the dairy industry, milk production, quality food products, and food safety