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HUCKER Attila 

Lab and Food Safety Services

Quality control, quality assurance, as well as boosting and maintaining consumer trust pose a constant challenge to food producers, pharmaceuticals manufacturers and distributors.

Our accredited, well-equipped and highly competent Food Research and Testing and Raw Milk Classification Laboratory offers fast, efficient and reliable services just to tackle this challenge.


Our laboratory has long established itself as a highly proficient player both in Hungary and abroad. The main aim of our staff is to provide accurate and up-to-date (quick) feedback to food and pharmaceuticals companies to help them in their quality assurance efforts. Our Food Research and Testing and Raw Milk Classification Laboratory was one of the first labs to obtain the accreditation of the Hungarian Accreditation Board according to EN ISO / IEC 17025. Furthermore, our lab holds valid GMP licences for the microbiological quality control testing of human and veterinary medicinal products. The licences were issued by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition and the Central Agricultural Office, Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Products.

Laboratóriumi szolgáltatások

Key laboratory services:


Our lab can assist our current and future clients with the following and is ready to provide a comprehensive range of lab testing and food security services.


Quotations are given, the transport of samples are organised, the samples are received, registered, distributed, and the results are recorded by the Administration Unit.



  • Accredited sampling for environmental hygiene checks
  • Accredited water sampling
  • Accredited sampling of milk and dairy products
  • Sampling of food products

Hygiene and microbiological tests

  • Complex testing of meat, dairy, egg, fish, cereal, confectionery, bakery, and other food products
  • Testing of potable, mineral, waste water and other water tests
  • Testing of cosmetic products
  • Pharmaceuticals testing (non-sterile products)
  • PCR-based identity testing (species identity, e.g., absence of ruminants or meat, other rapid tests)
  • Stability tests (challenge test, preservation efficacy)
  • Validation (heat treatment equipment, air supply systems, cleaning, disinfection)

Physical and chemical testing

  • Complex testing of meat, dairy, egg, fish, cereal, confectionery, bakery, and other food products
  • Allergen testing (product, surface)
  • Mycotoxin testing (product, surface)
  • Nutrition testing
  • HPLC, GC analysis (fatty acid composition, preservatives, sugar spectrum, other substances)

Complex testing services

  • Environmental hygiene monitoring
  • Supplier compliance checks
  • Food quality monitoring
  • Determining the best before date of food products
  • Identification of the causes of food product defects
  • Development and production of control and calibration samples for automated milk and dairy product analysers
  • Training in food quality assurance, sampling, and lab testing
  • Food law consultancy
  • Assessment and verification of product declarations and product markings in line with the pertaining legislation in effect
  • Marketability rating of food products pursuant to the pertaining legislation in effect
  • Expert consultancy on test results

We are ready to conduct other lab tests and to provide other services, feel free to contact us!

vállalati minőségirányítás

Quality control, quality assurance, boosting consumer trust

QUALITY: the characteristics of a product/service that bear on its ability to satisfy the customer’s stated and implied needs.


QUALITY MANAGEMENT: governing activity to define and implement the quality policy applied (supported by resources, aimed at consumer satisfaction).


QUALITY SYSTEM: the organisational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes, and means necessary for quality management.


  • 12/4/1999 First accreditation under MSZ EN 45001:1990, the first among other labs in the sector to get this accreditation
  • 11/04/2002 Accreditation under MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2001
  • 14/06/2005 Accreditation under MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • 27/02/2020 Standard MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
  • 29/07/2021 Re-accreditation of the Laboratory with the accreditation number NAH-1-1013/2021

Accreditation-related responsibilities:

  • Ongoing maintenance and development of the quality management system
  • Coordination of internal and customer audits, as well as audits conducted by authorities, preparing and helping to get prepared for audits
  • Complaints management
  • Supervision and control of correction activities
  • Supervision of instrument calibration and qualification
  • Supplier rating and checks
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Monitoring the competence and continued training of testing staff, checking their efficiency, upskilling
  • MIR compliance of contracts
  • MIR compliance check of test results
  • Monitoring of the standards applied, indication of revoked status on test records, reporting to the Hungarian Accreditation Board
  • Exploration of activities aimed at addressing risks and opportunities using the findings of internal audits, customer satisfaction surveys, supplier ratings, i.e., the quality management system

GMP-related responsibilities:

  • Compliance check of human and veterinary drug quality tests according to GMP guidelines
  • Provision of a GMP-compliant environment and ensuring traceability for the microbiological testing of veterinary and human medicinal products, formulas for special medical purposes, cosmetic products, and teas
  • Preparation for audits carried out by the Central Agricultural Office, Directorate of Veterinary Medicinal Products and by the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition, self-reviews, verification of the appropriateness and efficiency of training

Food-testing responsibilities:

  • Coordination of the comprehensive marketability and composition testing of food products, liaising with clients, consultation on samples and the expert opinions given
  • Delivery of expert opinions based on the test results of our lab units in accordance with the relevant international and national standards, rules, regulations, and the pertaining specifications of the Hungarian Food Codex

Feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

General inquiries (RfQ, samples delivery, orders, records):

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Head of the Administration Unit

Tel.: +36 (30) 345-7955

Administration Unit

Tel.: +36 (30) 263-4658

Samples Delivery

Tel.: +36 (30) 263-4658

Contracts and technical inquiries:


Attila HUCKER 

Head of Laboratory
Tel.: +36 (96)215-711 /114

Mobil: +36 (30) 473-2710

Quality assurance:


Katalin PORDÁN

Head of Quality Management
Tel.: +36 (96)215-711 /115

Mobil: +36 (30) 203-9810

Technical issues:


Katalin SZABÓ

Deputy Head of Laboratory, Head of the Physical and Chemical Division

Tel.: +36 (96) 215-711 /113
Mobil: +36 (30) 263-3939



Head of the Microbiological Division

Tel.: +36 (96) 215-711 /123
Mobil: +36 (30) 623-8612


Emília TARDY

Head of the Raw Milk Classification Division

Tel.: +36 (1) 455-06-57
Mobil: +36 (30) 378-4625


János NAGY

Head of the Sampling Unit

Tel.: +36 (96) 215-711 /123
Mobil: +36 (30) 114-0723

Our goal and mission is to develop the dairy industry, milk production, quality food products, and food safety